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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of collaboration among clinicians to address specific needs and challenges associated with providing care for people living in congregate communities.

Through this series, Virginia IMPACT aims to cultivate a scientifically bound, culturally responsive community of practice for collaboration and communication around managing infectious diseases in congregate communities. Virginia IMPACT strives to engage discussion beyond clinical outcomes to address the broader impact of infections and infection control for people living and working in these communities.

CME statement and disclosure link and language for Sept. 2023 .




1. Participants will engage in collaboration with community care team members to increase capacity to provide best practice care related to infections and infection control.

2. Participants will gain knowledge of emerging epidemiological trends and management of infection control in congregate communities.

3. Condition and symptom specific sessions will provide increased ability to screen, test, and/or manage patient care related to infection control.

4. Participants will engage in a supportive and collegial learning environment that provides knowledge and practice guidance.  

5. Participants will receive analysis of practical innovation, technology implementation, and policy considerations for managing infectious diseases within congregate communities.

Session/Title Date
1 - Topic: PHE and Now What? 5/17/2023
2 - Topic: Wound Management 6/14/2023
3 - Topic: Diarrhea Management 8/16/2023
4 - Topic: Dark Urine and Confusion 9/20/2023
5 - Topic: STI In Congregate Care Setting 10/18/2023
6 - Topic: TBD 11/15/2023
7 - Topic: Long Covid 1/17/2024
8 - Topic: Telehealth and Infection Control 2/14/2024
9 - Topic: Long Covid 3/20/2024
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