Clinical Concerns for Novel Recreational Drug Use


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Summary: The number of novel substances used/misused in the United States has expanded significantly in the past decade.  Substance abuse/misuse has gone global and has spread rapidly via Internet markets.  Healthcare providers will encounter patients inebriated by a variety of these novel psychoactive substances.  This echo series is case-based and highlights signs and symptoms associated with intoxication of a variety of substances.


This ECHO will discuss emerging substances, such as synthetic cannabinoids, designer opioids, and benzodiazepines. It will also consider the increase in nitrous oxide abuse and emerging trends in over the counter susbtances of misuse like dextromethorohan and diphenhydramine. There will be discussuon of the limitations and utility of routine urine drug screens. 


The goal of this ECHO session for providers and community members to develop a better understanding of emerging clinical and epidemiological trends in these substances of misuse.



1) Discuss the most recent epidemiological trends in substance use/misuse, especially focusing on novel psychoactive substances, nitrous oxide, OTC substances, and cannabinoids.
2) Review the clinical effects of the various classes of substances emerging
3) Highlight the appropriate management of the intoxicated patient, including case presentations
4) Review the limitations of currently available “urine drug screens”


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Session/Title Date
1 - Cannabinoids 3/7/2023
2 - Nitrous Oxide 4/4/2023
3 - Opioids & Benzodiazepines 5/2/2023
4 - Over The Counter Substance Abuse 6/6/2023
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