HEPC Provider and Support Staff Training September


This series will enable MD, PA, NP, PharmD, or DO, along with their support staff to assist their patients through the cascade of care for hepatitis C from screening to cure. The LIPs will learn about the disease process, medications for treatment and when a referral to a specialist is needed. The support staff will learn to support patients through attending appointments, obtaining medication and while on treatment. The collaboration of providers and support staff will help to ensure that the implementation of these new skills in your practice is successful.
Through seven one hour weekly sessions on Wednesdays from 3-4 pm Sept. 1 through Oct. 13 experts in hepatitis C will come to you via ECHO Zoom to expand your foundation of knowledge on this curable chronic disease and the patients that are living with it. This series is designed to be seven parts to one whole interactive learning experience. Please do make every effort to attend each one. After completion of the series you will become part of the HEPC network increasing access to treatment for hepatitis C in Virginia, with access to resources to assist your facility and staff along the way. 8 CEs will be available to those completing the training



At the conclusion of the Virginia Hepatitis C Education and Patient Connection (HEPC) - Provider and Support Staff Training Program, participants will be able to:

Discuss how the hepatitis C and opioid epidemics intertwine to create a syndemic that continues to grow throughout Virginia, identifying areas where prevalence is higher.

Develop an understanding of comprehensive harm reduction, resources available near you and how you can make an impact.

Deconstruct the stigmas associated with the correlation between past or current intravenous drug use, other substance use disorders, medication assisted treatment, and hepatitis C.

List the steps in cascade of care for hepatitis C, the barriers faced between each, and be able to successfully navigate patients from screening to cure.

Treat and manage hepatitis C appropriately, with awareness of possible complications, comorbidities, and associated liver disease, knowing when appropriate to refer to specialists.

Evaluate clinical environment for available resources, barriers to implementation and needs to commit to providing treatment access for patients with hepatitis C.

See patients as a holistic person with a curable disease process, in a system that is often hard to navigate, not a disease process with an inability for adherence.

Session/Title Date
1 - Welcome, Epidemiology, Comprehensive Harm Reduction 9/1/2021
2 - Providers: HCV Therapies in Modern Era; Support Staff: Appointments and Monitoring 9/8/2021
3 - Patient Perspective 9/15/2021
4 - Providers: Initiating Treatment in Practice; Support Staff: Implementing Care in Clinic 9/22/2021
5 - Medicaid, HCV and Opioid Use Disorder 9/29/2021
6 - Providers: Cirrhosis as Related to HCV; Support Staff: TBD 10/6/2021
7 - Actualizing a Plan to Treat HCV in the Patients You Care For 10/13/2021
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