Managing Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care

Sessions will be held every other Wednesdays from 12-1:00pm ET


To increase the capacity of community-based clinicians in Virginia to screen, diagnose, and manage patients with chronic kidney disease in their own practice through telementoring from specialists and  case collaboration with a network of peers.


The key skills participants will take away include screening for chronic kidney disease with evidence-based, up to date screening tools.  Participants will have access to a library of resources including the presentation given by the specialist presenter which can be referenced to enhance patient care.

Session/Title Date
1 - Framing the Issue: Epidemiology of CKD in Virginia 11/18/2020
2 - The Kidney Profile: 2 Labs, 1 Test 12/2/2020
3 - eGFR in Primary Care 12/9/2020
4 - Albuminuria in Primary Care 12/16/2020
5 - Impact of COVID on the Kidneys 1/21/2021
6 - Educational Tools and Resources to Share with Patient 4/28/2021
7 - Diagnosing Diabetic Kidney Disease with Confidence 5/12/2021
8 - Lifestyle Modifications and Dietary Guidelines for Diabetes Prevention 5/26/2021
9 - Role of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Managing CKD 6/9/2021
10 - Acute Kidney Injury: Prevention and Management Post-AKI 6/23/2021
11 - Nutrition Guidelines for CKD for Nutrition Professionals 7/14/2021
12 - Innovations in Pharmacology and Nephrotoxic Drugs 7/21/2021
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