Managing Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care

Sessions will be held Wednesdays from 12-1:00pm ET with no sessions the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years


Patient care is enhanced when primary care providers feel increasingly informed and empowered to treat complex patients with specialty care needs.  The goal of this program is to expand primary care provider’s capacity to deliver the right care at the right time to patients in their community. To increase the capacity of community-based clinicians in Virginia to screen, diagnose, and manage patients with chronic kidney disease in their own practice through telementoring from specialists, guided practice, collaboration with a network of providers, and case-based learning. 


The purpose of this learning series is to build the capacity of primary care clinicians and their teams to diagnose and treat patients with opioid use disorder.  During this ECHO we will examine the diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease in complex patients.  

The key skills participants will take away include screening for chronic kidney disease with evidence-based, up to date screening tools.  Participants will have access to a library of resources including the presentation given by the specialist presenter which can be referenced to enhance patient care.

Session/Title Date
1 - Framing the Issue: Epidemiology of CKD in Virginia 11/18/2020
2 - The Kidney Profile: 2 Labs, 1 Test 12/2/2020
3 - eGFR in Primary Care 12/9/2020
4 - Albuminuria in Primary Care 12/16/2020
5 - Impact of COVID on the Kidneys 1/21/2021
6 - Educational Tools and Resources to Share with Patient 4/28/2021
7 - Diagnosing Diabetic Kidney Disease with Confidence 5/12/2021
8 - Lifestyle Modifications and Dietary Guidelines for Diabetes Prevention 5/26/2021
9 - Role of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Managing CKD 6/9/2021
10 - Acute Kidney Injury: Prevention and Management Post-AKI 6/23/2021
11 - Nutrition Guidelines for CKD for Nutrition Professionals 7/7/2021
12 - Innovations in Pharmacology and Nephrotoxic Drugs 7/21/2021
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